Industrial Recreation

The duckpin bowling alley was built in the 1920’s by Hope Webbing Company in an effort to prevent its employees from unionizing. Despite voting for unionization likely in the 1930’s, the owners decided to leave the bowling alley operational indefinitely. Its existence and preservation was one of the main factors in Urban Smart Growth‘s decision to acquire and preserve the mill.

Lance Robbins, the CEO of Urban Smart Growth, found the alley to be one of the most interesting elements within any property he has revitalized. The authenticity and connection to Pawtucket’s history has been preserved in such a way that people today can enjoy recreation in an identical manner to 100 years ago.

Upon restoration, the alley saw its first use in over 20 years. It now has the chance to continue providing activity for years to come! It is one of, if not the last, surviving industrial recreation duckpin bowling alleys in the United States.

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